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Safeguard Medical

Critical First Aid Kit (CFAK)

Critical First Aid Kit (CFAK)

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Our critical first aid kit only comes with those items needed in a critical situation. No band aids and bullsh*t in this kit. The 10 essentials for trauma care including the Critical 3. 

  1.  One TMT Tourniquet recommended by the Committe on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). 
  2.  One Celox B-Con wound packing.
  3. Two Sentinel chest seals. 
  4. One compression bandage.
  5. Trauma Shears.
  6. One Cool Gel burn dressing.
  7. Eye protection.
  8. Three pairs of gloves.
  9. One marker.
  10. And One thermal blanket. 


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